Krensen’s eDrive is unique to the marine market

Integrates all major high voltage onboard equipment

One single unit with safety at the core of its digital power integration functionally for Electric propulsion, Energy storage and Regeneration.

eDrive Overview

Krensen High performance eDrives are intended to provide 335HP to 1341HP for drivetrain applications up to 18,000rpm, with best-in-class efficiency. All Krensen eDrives come as standard with integrated, state-of-the-art modular 800V silicon carbide inverter (SiC) with robust ASIL compatible safety functionality.

Krensen eDrive combines e-machine and inverter which is aa game-changer for boat manufacturers since the technology offers enhanced power density, proven performance, and long-term reliability

In practical terms the eDrive is both compact and lightweight which aids installation.

Additional information
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Electric propulsion, Energy storage and Regeneration

Innovation for your next marine project

A system that has the ability to communicate with full powertrain systems over several different communications networks, such as CAN, ethernet and conventional I/O. The VCPDU acts as the main gateway for high voltage battery packs, inverters, DCDC’s and on-board chargers as well as all the peripheral systems like pumps, fans, HMI’s, etc.



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